Dalvan Griebler

I am an Associate Professor and Computer Scientist at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil. I received a Ph.D. in computer science from PUCRS and the University of Pisa (UNIPI) in 2016. I am part of the School of Technology, lecturing in the Computer Science and Data Science Bachelor courses. I also supervise Master's and Ph.D. students from the Computer Sciences Graduate Program (PPG-CC) and the Ecology and Evolution of Biodiversity Graduate Program (PPG-EEB). As vice-coordinator of the Data Science Center (CCD), coordinator of the natural language processing group (PLN), and research coordinator of both the parallel application modeling group (GMAP) and laboratory of artificial intelligence (Lab AI), I have been developing several research projects with industry partners and governmental agencies. In the academic community, I act on the editorial board of scientific journals, on several technical program committees of conferences, and as a reviewer of several scientific journals.

Research Interests

Data science

Big data, data stream, data engineering, data analytics, time series, neural networks, big data frameworks (Hadoop, Flink, and Spark, Storm, and Kafka), and machine learning framework (Torch, Keras, and TensorFlow).

Internet of Things

Agriculture, biology, health care, industry, stream and complex event processing, mobile and embedded systems.

Parallel programming

Parallel Patterns, Algorithmic Skeletons, Task Scheduling, TBB, FastFlow, OpenMP, MPI, HPX, CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenACC.

Programming Languages

C/C++, Python, Shell Script, Rust, Java

Parallel Programming Effort

Parallelism abstractions, high-level parallel programming, programming effort, coding productivity​, metrics, and methodologies.

Cloud computing

IaaS cloud platforms (OpenStack, OpenNebula, and CloudStack), performance evaluation, deployment optimizations (virtualization, containers, networking, storage), virtualization technologies (KVM, Docker, and LXD), and PaaS platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Parallel and Distributed Systems

Benchmarking, distributed platforms, high availability, fault tolerance, resource management, and energy efficiency.

High-Performance Architectures

Cluster computing, cloud infrastructure, multi-core systems, and hardware accelerators (GPU, FPGA).

Computer Networking

Application protocol, high-speed network, virtual network, and cloud network tools.

Compilers and Optimizations

Parallel code generation, code autotuning, source-to-source transformation, static code analysis. Flex, Bison, ANTLR, Clang, and GCC Plugins.

Latest Publications

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Hoffmann, Renato Barreto; Faé, Leonardo; Manssour, Isabel; Griebler, Dalvan

Analyzing C++ Stream Parallelism in Shared-Memory when Porting to Flink and Storm Inproceedings doi

In: International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing Workshops (SBAC-PADW), pp. 1-8, IEEE, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2023.

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Faé, Leonardo; Hoffmann, Renato Barreto; Griebler, Dalvan

Source-to-Source Code Transformation on Rust for High-Level Stream Parallelism Inproceedings doi

In: XXVII Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages (SBLP), pp. 41-49, ACM, Campo Grande, Brazil, 2023.

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Leonarczyk, Ricardo; Griebler, Dalvan; Mencagli, Gabriele; Danelutto, Marco

Evaluation of Adaptive Micro-batching Techniques for GPU-accelerated Stream Processing Inproceedings

In: Euro-ParW 2023: Parallel Processing Workshops, pp. 1-8, Springer, Limassol, 2023.


Dopke, Luan; Griebler, Dalvan

Estudo Sobre Spark nas Aplicações de Processamento de Log e Análise de Cliques Inproceedings doi

In: Anais da XXIII Escola Regional de Alto Desempenho da Região Sul, pp. 85-88, Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2023.

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Fim, Gabriel Rustick; Griebler, Dalvan

Implementação e Avaliação do Paralelismo de Flink nas Aplicações de Processamento de Log e Análise de Cliques Inproceedings doi

In: Anais da XXIII Escola Regional de Alto Desempenho da Região Sul, pp. 69-72, Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2023.

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173 entries « 2 of 35 »