Domain-Specific Language (DSL)

Parallelism abstractions, high-level parallel programming, programming effort, coding productivity‚Äč

Compilers and Optimizations (CO)

Parallel code generation, code autotuning, source-to-source transformation, static code analysis 

Cloud Computing (CC)

IaaS cloud platforms (OpenStack, OpenNebula, and CloudStack), performance evaluation, deployment optimizations (virtualization, containers, networking, storage), and PaaS platforms.

Programming Languages (PL)

C/C++, Python, Shell Script, Rust, Java

Parallel Programming (PP)

Parallel Patterns, Algorithmic Skeletons, Task Scheduling, TBB, FastFlow, OpenMP, MPI, HPX, CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenACC.

High-Performance Applications (HPA)

Stream Processing, Big Data, Deep-Learning, and Scientific Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Cluster computing, cloud infrastructure, multi-core systems and hardware accelerators (GPU, FPGA), distributed systems (high availability, fault tolerance, resource management), and energy efficiency

Computer Networking (CN)

Application protocol, high-speed network, virtual network, and cloud network tools

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